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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is ridiculous. >> finicky fines have locals fuming. stop snoring now. a new device helps silent nights. a son falls to an apartment window leading police to find his mother who had been dead for days. this is 9news now. dc police have been trying to piece all of this together since the body was found this afternoon in the 4200-block of 4th street southeast. >> so much of the story remains a mystery. gary nurenberg reports it involves a handicap boy and a mother dedicated to helping him make it in life. >> reporter: it was a special needs boy described as about 20 after police found after he had jumped, fallen or been pushed through a window. in the apartment the body of his mother. >> that body appears to have been here for a few days. right now we're investigating this as a homicide, but we do not have a cause or manner of
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death yet so we're still investigating. >> reporter: the boy survived his fall but is being treated for serious injuries. neighbors say his mother was always by his side. >> he did have a special need child and she did a great job taking care of her son. very good job. 100% mom. i liked her. every time i would see them together, they would be coming back from the school. every time i saw her son, i saw her. >> reporter: investigators, some in protective clothing, combeded the apartment and the apartment complex at one point taking away potential evidence from nearby dumpsters. neighbors told police there is another older son and police were attempting to reach him to see if he could help solve the mystery. the special needs boy has new needs now. >> who would care for the child because the mother is gone now. it's like a sad time. my heart goes out to her family
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or whatever. not just for her, to her son because it's a bond when you see her, you see him. always. >> reporter: his injuries are described as serious ones. but if he survives, this boy who has had a difficult life so far is going to have an even more difficult life without the mother who has helped him get through. derek. well, late breaking news out of boston where authorities have taken a jetblue pilot into custody. according to the news radio, that pilot allegedly threatened to crash the plane which was all set to fly out of the airport. the pilot sent an e-mail to his girlfriend which he said if they did not reconcile his relationship, he was going to crash the plane. >> csa questioned the man and took him to the hospital nor a psychiatric evaluation. jetblue denies the investigation and calls it a rumor. jetblue does fly into dulles
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international. only on 9 tonight, a northwest washington neighborhood is outraged by a recent avalanche of parking tickets. at least five residents of a single block have gotten multiple tickets in just the last few weeks. and as andrea mccarren shows us, it is a battle over mere inches. >> this is outrageous. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: patrick williams is fed up. >> you got two tickets in a single day. >> reporter: and three tickets in less than two weeks. for parking precisely where he has for the last 12 years. >> something has to change. we can't take this no more. >> reporter: within the last month, this quiet neighborhood has been hammered by the same ticket writer. >> even an inch over the line they give people some tickets. i see the tickets and i wonder why. >> reporter: with little offstreet parking, most are forced to park on the street. the violations appear increasingly knit picky. a $50 ticket for parking closer
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than five feet to a driveway. >> this is five feet and my vehicle is parked here. >> reporter: even after 30 years of living in the district, williams had no idea that regulations require that a car must be parked at least 25 feet from a stop sign. >> i was parked here which is 17 feet and i got a ticket. >> reporter: across the street at the same intersection, there is a sign that indicates where it is legal to park. a sign sets 16 feet from the stop sign. >> so that's like contradicting yourself. >> reporter: he's not the only ex aspirated resident. >> to me that's ridiculous. >> reporter: they slapped his neighbor with three tickets too. ironically residents can park closer to a fire hydrant than a stop sign. >> if we can stop by the fire hydrant that protects 20 houses in this radius but we can't park in open space. >> reporter: even more confusing, this hydrant is six feet away from a legal parking spot. even though dc regulations require a 10-foot minimum.
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and in yet another inconsistency, williams measured the distance between stop signs and signs indicating legal parking spots throughout his neighborhood. he found the distances ranged from 13 and a half feet to 20. again, dc regulations require a minimum of 25 feet. now the department of public works didn't respond to our request for an interview but in several e-mails a spokeswoman said earlier this year they started doing tutorials to ticket writers to make sure they were following regulations. a man recovering tonight after crashing his ultra light plane in prince george's county. sky9 was over the scene. it was around 7:30 when the pilot was taxiing on a private runway and sort of crashed into the woods. emergency crews took him to the hospital with serious injuries. his name has not been released. also new at 11:00, the
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senate has passed a sweeping overhaul how senate banks. the bill could reach the president's desk by the 4th of july. the massive legislation touches all points in the financial sectors from wall street ceos and first time home buyers to high stake traders and small town lenders. the district medical examiner is expected on the witness stand tomorrow in the robert wone murder trial. he was found stabbed to death inside a townhouse back in 2006. three men living in that house are on trial not charged in the murder but charged with tampering with evidence. today the first paramedic who got on the scene that day testified there was very little blood on wone despite three very deep stab wounds to the chest. police have released sketches of two suspects wanted for a murder in centreville. one of the men had a gun as the pair tried to enter a mansion monday morning. they say that is when josi rosales tried to stop them but
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ended up getting shot and killed instead. we spoke with a family member who witnessed the act of bravery but did not want to be identified. >> we sincerely believe that josi rosales was sent into our lives and he was our guardian angel. i really feel as if something entered him and it made him so powerful and he could have done anything. and we need more people like josi rosales in the world. >> the family member says he's confident police will catch the suspects. he also says he plans to have a picture made of rosales to carry with him from now on. is your tap water safe to drink? the head of the dc water and sewer authority is doing its best to assure folks that it is and that a problem with lead is all in the past. >> reporter: all of the monitoring we're doing is showing the numbers in our distribution system are well below the areas of concern. i must say we want no lead in the system. so we have an aggressive program to respond in every way we can
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to eliminate lead. >> last night we told you why this is a big issue all of a sudden. congressional investigators this week included the centers for disease control used flawed data back in '04 when it reported levels of lead. tonight authorities are looking for two men wanted for stealing a virginia state senator's identity. investigators believe thieves intercepted the senator's credit card information while he was out to dinner with colleagues. they then altered his home address and opened an american express account. among the charges, $225 worth of medical marijuana. two other men are behind bars on drug charges tonight after fairfax county police seized more than 130 pounds of a drug called khat. they arrested the men over the weekend after observing an alleged drug deal. khat is a leafy drug classified
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as an amphetamine popular in east africa. they estimate the street value of $40,000. turning now to the disaster in the gulf. bp now admits the oil leak is a lot bigger than previously estimated. adding fuel to the anger, this live under water video now available online. at least 6 million gallons of oil have already leaked into the gulf and for the first time guy rust colored oil has rushed into the waters of the mouth of the mississippi. they ordered bp to use a less toxic chemical to help break up the crude. a little girl has unintentionally put her family in the middle of the immigration debate. >> to make sure that people can be here with the right kind of papers, right. that's exactly right. well, we have to work on that. we have to fix that. >> you remember that second grader from the elementary school in silver spring who told the first lady she's worried because her mother is here illegally.
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well, the homeland security official says federal immigration authorities will not pursue that family. dhs says the agency "prioritizes criminal aliens who pose a threat to our community". meanwhile, the immigrant add vow ka see group is trying to -- advocacy group is trying to locate the girl's family. congratulations to the class of 2010. tonight friends and family packed into the comcast center for the university of maryland graduation ceremony. victoria kennedy, the widow of edward kennedy, was tonight's speaker. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we'll take you out with wakeup weather. very nice tomorrow morning. grab your sunglasses. temps in the 60s. very warm. i made drastic changes to the second half of the weekend. stay tuned. we wake up with things throwing at you.
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>> chronic snoring. now there is a fix. >> i'm surprised what this thing has done. >> find out how it can help you. stay up for 9news now coming up next. from
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it's not enough. that's a message from parents to the county commissioners. the county approved money in
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adams town but parents also wanted a four-way stop sign at that crossing. they say more and more kids will be walking to school now that the county has cut the budget for buses. but there is just not enough traffic in that area to warrant a four-way stop and that leaves some marnts angry. >> we do -- parents angry. >> we do have bus transportation because the road is too dangerous to cross. now with budget cuts it's not so dangerous anymore. we think it's important to get a four-way stop in here. >> you have to hurry up because cars are coming from both ways all of the time. >> a paving contractor has gained approval to do a crosswalk at school and doing it at no cost to the county. snoring, not only is a nighttime nuisance but it can signal a condition. we talked to a musician who used to keep his wife and band mates awake at night until he discovered a new device to help
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him stop snoring. >> i play music. i'm in a band we travel a lot. when we travel, no one wants to sleep in the same room with me. >> reporter: this musician plays soothing sos during the day. but it's a whole different tune at night. >> it's a little something we're recording because he didn't believe us. >> it sounds like something out of a horror movie. >> you wake up in the night with things thrown at you. getting yelled at. >> reporter: did you have any idea that you could have sleep apnea? >> not really. not until lately. >> reporter: gus has mild sleep apnea. and according to a recent study, sleep apnea more than doubles the risk of stroke in men. sleep apnea is a common disorder in which the upper airway is blocked tore a period of time -- for a period of time disrupting sleep again and again and again. >> i don't know about you, but trying to hold my breath for about 30 seconds every five minutes during the course of the
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night would be a challenge. in an extreme case, people can die from it. >> reporter: after participating in a sleep study, he is fitted for a device that opens up the airways in the throat by moving the lower jaw slightly forward. this is a big stepup from older sleep appliances. >> the older devices what they used to do is sort of keep your mouth open and you would be stuck in this open position. you couldn't create a lip seal. with this device what ends up happening is it's a separate upper and separate lower so you wear it. it's comfortable. you can drink, talk, move your jaw around. >> reporter: so we check in with our musician after a few weeks to see if he's making those rather unpleasant notes through the night. >> i'm surprised and amazed what this thing is done. everyone sleeps now. my wife hasn't left the room yet. >> reporter: a big difference. now this custom made device $3,500 for this device but it is covered by some dental
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insurance, different insurance companies. however, this device is not recommended for severe cases of sleep apnea. the cpap is still the best for treating severe cases. teachers at a florida high school are tired of students breaking the rules and they say we're not going to take it anymore. ♪ we're not going to take it ♪ 9news ♪ no, we ain't going to take it ♪ 9news ♪ we're not going to take it anymore ♪ >> now, the teachers say they love their students, but this video is just sort of a fun way to vent a little bit and poke fun at the kids. this only took the teachers an hour to make and five takes. they had to make the lipstick thing work and apparently it's gone viral. the video has helped improve the relationships in the classroom. >> maybe a little bit of a
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coolness factor. i don't know. topper is not buying it. an all new david letterman will be on after 9news now, and here is a sneak peek. >> top ten things overheard at the state dinner. number ten, may we see your papers, president calderon. number nine, what happened to the dumb guy that used to live here. >>. [ laughing ] >> actress katherine heigl will be on plus band of horses. all right. sweet day. >> one more. >> yes, we'll have one more. maybe even two more. but i have made some changes, rather drastic. >> uh-oh. >> for sunday. >> oh. >> here is your forecast first. >> that sounds ominous. >> it is a little ominous. 85 tomorrow. warmer. beautiful day. 77 on saturday. a thunderstorm possible. and then on sunday cooler. i think 73 may be generous, but we'll stick with 73 right now. howard will have a new take on that tomorrow morning. the idea is temps are going down on sunday. >> the front will be south of us
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as opposed to north of us. tonight, well, clear and comfortable. great. 52 to about 62 downtown. haven't changed that. northwest winds at ten. by morning mostly sunny and pleasant. air quality is code yellow. that is moderate. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. good thing about tomorrow is light winds. so it's going to be warm with a light wind. mostly sunny and warmer. 83 today. light winds continue. let's talk about temps. we were 64 on monday. 63 on tuesday. we were struggling to get out of the 50s on monday and tuesday. 68 yesterday. finally 83 yesterday and 85 on friday. satellite picture, radar combined, no shortage of severe weather. once again tonight, especially in arkansas, eastern texas, louisiana, now the storms have pushed into alabama and also across into the plateau in east central tennessee in between knoxville and nashville and big thunderstorms up in kentucky. now, the same front will play
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caught and mouse towards the weekend. a few high clouds now. for the most part we're looking at a great night and, again, a great, great end to the week. zone forecast. we're looking at 76 tomorrow in oakland. that sounds pretty nice. 80 in cumberland. low 80s, once again, for hagerstown and martinsburg. even warrenton and leesburg and manassas will be either side of 85. 85 downtown. 85 also in la plada. no winds. no advisories. next seven days, 85 tomorrow. 87 on saturday. and there is the 73 on sunday. looks okay for the chili cookoff. monday a shower possible. she's all excited about switch foot. 86 on tuesday. near 90 on wednesday and thursday. maybe a thunderstorm on thursday. >> i am hip. >> i know you're hip. >> thanks, top.
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[ laughing ] >> i didn't sense conviction when you said that. >> no, no. >> but you're closet hip. >> that's what it is. so say it ain't so, santana? >> i know. it hasn't been proven yet but he's an older guy trying to extend his career. one of the skins biggest offensive stars now playing a little defense. details of the drug allegations and what it means for his future. plus mike shanahan taking a shot today at haynesworth and the latest installment of the good, the bad and the ugly coming up in 9 sports next. it's rollback time here at walmart,
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and we've got some huge rollbacks. come on. let me show you. this is just a dollar now. who wants a rollback? don't you want a rollback? three bucks less. can you believe that?
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that's a dollar savings right there. how's your breath? rollback! i hope it's on rollback. [ laughs ] [ beat-boxing ] sweet rollback. soft rollback. [ zing! ] i got a cart full of big rollbacks in here. mr. rollback just saved you over 25 bucks. my name is darrell, and i save people money so they can live better. it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> well, if you're like me, you figured it would be some 300-pound no neck bahemis who would experiment with hgh because strength and muscle could be the difference between
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playing for the redskins and a pickup game on sundays. but it turns out santana moss is the guy was set to be on the receiving end of the doctor's hgh needle when the doctor was arrested at the u.s. border last fall. the attorney saying today that nfl players only received hgh to help injuries heal. mike shanahan reacted to the news. >> i've been in this league for 25 years and i've had so many of these things happen. there is no substance to it. i'm just going to have to wait and see. sometimes there is substance. we'll wait and see what happens. >> he probably used other things that wasn't illegal. i know santana is a straightforward guy and i don't think he'll do anything like that. >> as to what will happen to moss, there is only one case of hgh because there really is no accurate test for it. back in 2007 then patriots
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safety was suspended four games for admitting to hgh use. of course, the moss controversy becomes the second headache for mike shanahan. the first is haynesworth. he says he won't show up until next month prompting shanahan speaking at a charity event today to offer some rather pointed comments towards big al. >> you're either in or out. i don't like to give people any attention. that's not with us. and so as far as i'm concerned, if you want to talk about the people that work every day that are doing the little things the right way, i'll talk forever. i'm not going to talk about people that aren't with us. >> get the message. baseball tonight, nats hosting the mets. new yorkers think that david wright is a better young third baseman than ryan zimmerman. that is wright driving in three runs with a double in the first inning. zimmerman then counters the argument by falling on his
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behind on that. >> oh. >> bloop. nats lose today to the mets 10-7. with that, we bring you our weekly look at the excellent and not so excellent in the world of sports. the drum roll for my friends, the good, the bad and the ugly for may 20th. we start with the good. best glove work. look at this. back hand flip with his wrist cocked there on the 4-6-3 double play. there is no way to actually grab that ball with the hand. that's how good of play he made with the glove. best concentration wilson valdez. two guys call for the ball. they appear to drop it. but watch the replay on this. valdez actually off the leg gets his fingers under the ball just like inches off the dirt and the ball never touches the ground. let's go to the bad worst misjudged fly ball maybe ever. nate mccloud appears to be under
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this but in actualality is nowhere close. >>. [ laughing ] >> where was your internal map qwest on that, my man? most inexplicable move by a manager. ozzie sticks his gum on the chest. what is he doing there? >> i don't understand that one myself. >> maybe he wants to use it again later. laziest base runner chris young. you have to be awake at third base or you have to get out of the game. let's go to the ugly. worst relay throw. the padres jerry harrison, he used to play for the orioles. on the double to left field he's going to try to get the runner at the plate. that's not the throw. it's this relay throw hits right in the butt. it's his own teammate. he tries to duck to get out of the way but you can't duck low enough. >> it just slips. >> there is it for tuesday night. sometimes your teammate is your
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worst enemy. >> it just slipped. >> it gets slippery that baseball. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at
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>> 85 tomorrow. not changed. sunshine. and saturday hasn't changed. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. 77. but we have lowered sunday. it's a case of showers as opposed to a thunderstorm. the front goes south of us so we hold in the low 70s. that might be high. check out howard tomorrow. >> that's 9news for tonight. don't forget always on. >> letterman up next. have a good one, folks. 
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